Higgins Hippy Split Full Resto ~ WIP

Occasionally a customer comes along and asks us to help them buy a Volkswagen bus. Having an expert opinion in advance of a purchase can save a huge amount of time and money on unexpected repairs / restoration costs. This was one such situation. Chris and Ant discussed many a ‘finished’ shiny-on-the surface-but-crusty-underneath Splitscreen before instead, settling on a build project from a solid shell that would create the desired vehicle.

If you can’t buy it, build it!

Although we’re so glad to be able to see these photos, unfortunately Team KR never got to see Hippy Bus in all her hand painted glory… The stripping and yellow painting in yellow primer happened long before she ever turned up on our forecourt. She was owned by FBI VW who intended to develop her as a personal project, he made a good start for us!


What Chris had to say...

We appreciate you’re busy but that’s a positive for us.  You know what you’re doing, plus you love what you do, equals a great bus!  That’s been very evident from the get go and we’re so pleased our bus is going to be in your hands!


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