Crash Repair ~ Busted to Beautiful. VW Splitscreen Wedding Bus

Sometimes the unthinkable happens, and your precious vintage vehicle gets busted up! That happened to this beautiful 1966 Volkswagen Splitscreen wedding bus. The damage rippled through from the front end, through the door into the side panel and all the way round to the rear corners. It’s surprising how extensive the damage can be, the impact causing the obvious crushing to all the front panels and A pillars, but also where the vehicle flexed also causing many hair line cracks in the paint work.

What we did...

After extensive communications with the insurance company to ensure the job could be done properly, our team stripped the front and back end of all lights and wiring that may be a hindrance, and also the cab interior, and then removed the front panels and door.

They then corrected the frame and the a pillars, exerting great effort to pull back out what the crash had stoved-in. Then we stripped the damaged skins from the door and reshaped that frame as necessary, and welded a new skin to the door and test fitted it for alignment. Further modifications were required and carried out to ensure a perfect fit.

Then we fitted the new panels and headlamp bowls and bumper to the front. When the team were happy that all necessary repairs had been made good they dry built the bus to ensure correct fit prior to paint. Once certain nothing further was necessary the bus was stripped again and went off to the paint booth.

It was very satisfying to see it return looking gorgeous again.

We then rebuilt the bus properly, re-installing everything that has been removed prior to repair.. And finally polished her up ready to return to her owner Paul at where she’ll be back to her life as a beautiful bus transporting beautiful brides.

Weeks of hard work, care and attention paid off. We are very proud that we could return Olivia the Volkswagen Splitscreen Campervan to her former glory.


What Paul had to say...

Our poorly Olivia but now looking as good as new! Thank you guys, you all did an amazing job fixing our Olivia. She’s all ready for the 2019 wedding season now.

So happy to see the amazing @kustomrevival have rebuilt Olivia back together again.

Thank you Kustom team, you have been great and very helpful when dealing with the insurance company too, I’d highly recommend you guys for sure


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