Botty The Bay

Botty and her owner Duncan have long been customers of Kustom Revival, and have also been long awaiting patiently the day that Botty would finally come through our doors not just for a little bit of this and that but for the whole damn lot! Well that day has finally arrived. After a fantastic summer in the sun Botty arrived at KR absolutely and totally ready for the works!


First task was to strip absolutely everything off her. From the roof with all it’s fixings to the carpets and lino that had been there for decades. All the windows, all the winders and trims… All the interior units, curtains and track, beds and seats, the engine and gear box came out, the wheels and suspension came off… The loom, lights and electrics.. Anything that could be removed, was taken off and either chucked out or put safely into storage until it’s needed again.

After several days of stripping, Botty was ready for blasting. Soda Blaster came and collected her and took the stripping to a whole new level. Removing all the dirt and paint and rust. Then giving her a layer of primer.

When that was done she came back to us for assessment. Now with all the grot gone we could see what was what. Ant then went around her and marked up every section that needed repair and replacement.. Then Thiago set to work repairing and replacing each of those areas.

And that’s where we have got to so far…

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What Duncan had to say



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