Fully Restoring this Volkswagen Beetle

As many a beloved ‘one day’ project does, Neil’s Beetle waited in pieces in storage for 15 years before finally surfacing for a full restoration / reconstruction here at Kustom Revival.

What we did..

Well first things first, we stripped down whatever had remained intact on Neil’s Beetle and removed the engine, gear box, drive and suspension components and well as the loom and electrics. All the body fittings and windows were also removed, cataloged and stored for safe keeping.

Then we sent it off to be soda blasted. When it returned we could really see which parts had rotted out. So we then set about removing all those parts. Cleaning up those areas and preparing them to receive repair panels.

The car is still in this phase of restoration as we are spending a good few weeks sorting it all out…

What Neil has to say..

We haven’t asked him to comment as yet ;P


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