Let’s talk about these new MOT laws...

What you need to be aware of…

So, from later this month vehicles of historic interest (over 40 years old) are technically exempt from needing an MOT, it becomes voluntary. All this means is that liability for the condition of the vehicle is now all on the owner! The ‘roadworthy’ standards have not changed or dropped, your vehicle still has to be up to the same standard! If it’s not and you get caught, you get 3 points on your license and a £2500 fine! That money would be better spent on your vehicle right? Also, if your vehicle has been substantially modified (lowered? Had an engine upgrade? Changed the suspension? That kinda thing) then it’s not exempt from the MOT! When you tax your vehicle and you apply for exemption you’re basically being asked to state that you know for sure that it’s old but it’s still roadworthy… Can you really know? Even we, who know our vehicles damned well, can’t be completely sure without testing them. So honestly, we think this new rule is totally ridiculous and potentially dangerous! If you want to be safe rather than sorry, keep getting tested!

If you have questions about whether or not your vehicle still needs an MOT drop us a line at kustomrevival@gmail.com or call us on 01273 493375

What others have to say

‘I agree. I think it’s silly not to have a legal MOT requirement! I’ll still be getting mine done annually!’ – mrtickle1967beetle

‘Good advice’ – Neil Oakley

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