Looking for your dream Volkswagen Van? Want to avoid the pitfalls of owning old classics? Ever thought of building rather than buying your perfect bus?

There are many ‘fully restored’ Volkswagens out there that are in truth, not all their shiny new paint job claims them to be and which, in time, will cost you a lot more money.  We offer a creative alternative. Instead of buying a ‘finished’ project, with a similar a budget we could help you source an original van and then rebuild it to your own specifications, and colour scheme? We would help you ensure that from the ground up, your dream Split screen is exactly what you want it to be.

When Chris and Julie first got in touch, they just wanted our consultation service, for our man Ant to go a check over a Volkswagen Splitscreen they wanted to buy and ensure it was worth the thousands that they were prepared to spend on it. Unfortunately it wasn’t, as is often the case, though shiny on the surface there were a lot of gremlins lurking beneath.  But rather than be disheartened, on the way back Chris and Ant got talking about the possibilities… And then they got inspired! To build rather than buy the perfect bus!

So together we sourced a great original shell and embarked on a restoration journey that meant that Chris and Julie would have absolute control over every design aspect of their ‘new’ VW Splitscreen.  Yes they do have to wait for us to custom build it.. But it will be worth the wait – They know exactly what they are getting: Their dream Splitscreen!

With over 25 years experience in restoring, maintaining and customising vintage and retro volkswagens we are uniquely equipped to build whatever you desire, be it a vehicle restored to stock, or customised to take for example, a Porsche engine gearbox, brakes and suspension, with whatever colour scheme, trim, and interior you care to install.

So before you go and make a purchase give us a call, we’ll help you get the bus of your dreams, if we can’t help you buy it, we’ll build it!

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