Heritage 1956 Single Cab Splitscreen Volkswagen

It happens too us all at some point, but when your vehicle is the precious 195 Single Crew Cab Splitscreen VW Show vehicle the last thing you want is for it to get damaged in an accident!?! Argh! Sadly that’s what happened. It’s distressing and inconvenient to say the least!

So Heritage came to us confident that if anyone could do a great job preserving what remains of the original bus whilst repairing the damage it would be Kustom Revival. We, of course, are honoured to be of service! And quite frankly, excited to have this iconic vehicle under our roof for a while.

So then we set about it! We removedĀ  the cab door, stripped out all internals (door card, locks, window frame assembly etc) Removed the existing outer skin, repair and straightened inner frame work and prepared it for a new panel. We prepped the new panel for the inner frame, attached and secured new outer skin, refitted it to vehicle and make good all perimeter gaps, carry out final prep prior to paintwork.

Then we removed the damaged front bumper and replaced it with a new item to check for fitment and alignment. Then we removed bumper for paintwork.

We cut out the damaged inner and outer sections of O/S/F cab door step/wheel arch including some rot which was lurking between. Repaired the damage to O/S/F cab floor directly above cab step and section leading up onto vertical section of wheel arch return panel. Cleaned back and prepared the lower section of O/S/F A pillar and upper section of O/S/F wheel arch area to accept new repair panels. Let in new repair panels and and metal finish all non original joints in preparation for paintwork.

The we had the entire O/S/F cab door including inner shuts and return areas painted. And the entire O/S/F cab door step/wheel arch including return sections of door jamb. We also had painted the new front bumper including addition of white detailing as per original. It was blended into surrounding panels as required.
Before receiving a final colour sand and polish.

Then we rebuilt the O/S/F cab door, all locks catches window frame door card etc

And finally we gave a post paint schutz and wax oil of underside areas and any cavities accessed during repairs!

Then we invited Heritage to come and check out the work and take it home… Post photoshoot! šŸ˜‰

What Heritage had to say...

ThanksĀ  .. The quality of the repair was outstanding


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