VW Early Bay Pop-Top Canvas Replacement

Gary brought his early Volkswagen Bay window Campervan to us for a ‘simple’ pop-top canvas replacement… But as we have come to learn these things are never quite as simple as one might expect once you get into the job. Each van presents it’s own hurdles – Nothing too difficult for our team to handle though! In just over a day we removed Gary’s roof and hinges (the canvas was already off because the van had just undergone a beautiful restoration by Beetlelink), lined the ceiling with some new carpet, fitted the new pop top canvas to the top half of the roof, made a slight adjustment to the hinges, and some modifications to the fixings to ensure that the new top is strong. Then flipped the roof back on and fixed down the canvas at the bottom. Sounds easy doesn’t it?! For the most part this job is doable by one person but as you can see from the photos at some points the job needed three pairs of hands!  It can be a bit fiddly and it takes care and attention to ensure the canvas is correctly installed without causing damage to the vehicle of the new canvas.

If you have a pop-top canvas that needs replacing give us a call on 01273 493375


What Gary had to say...

Thanks heaps!



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