Zippy The Porsche Powered Volkswagen Split Screen Camper

Zippy is a 1965 right hand drive split screen camper which is now far from stock. Long gone is the wheezy old 1200cc Volkswagen engine, and porridge stirring gearbox.

In the engine bay now lives a 3.2ltr flat six engine and 5 speed gearbox from a Porsche 911. Added to this is the entire rear suspension and brake set up. Complimented by a bespoke front suspension set up, again borrowing parts from the Porsche bin in the way of modified 911 front struts and custom sub frame and later 911 front brakes. It has also been equipped with power brakes and hydroelectric power steering, so it stops and turns as well as it goes, and boy does it go!

What else?

Zippy has had many other modifications including full bespoke interior, ground up restoration which, should require similar, we can organise for you.


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